RerNews Bags

These are entirely made from reclaimed materials (except for the black warp thread & sewing thread). The bag itself is handwoven by me using newspaper bags and grocery/other bags. The straps are seat belts (lots of fun roaming a car salvage yards looking for them! Thanks to Missionary Auto Service & Slavage and Stan Sadowski Auo Wrecking). The bags are unlined and the top is "fringy".

Tha bags are $50. each

This muti-colored bag measures about 17" wide, and slightly less tall.
The black straps are re-used seat-belts, and the belt closure can (un)buckle and adjust to be long (across the body) or short (hand held). The closure on this one is a 2-point seat belt clip that is held in place with a pop-top "toggle".

Handwoven on a loom, using our local blue Giant Eagle grocery bags. The belt closure can unbuckle, and adjust to be long (across the body) or short (hand held). The closure is a bottle cap that says "I love planet earth" and held with magnets. The bag is about 17" wide x 12" in height.

This blue bag has 2 seat belt handles, a flatter bottom and magnetic seat belt closure. It has two interior pockets. One is 3-1/2" wide, the other is 4"...good for sunglasses, smaller cell phone, pens, etc. The bags are from our Giant Eagle woven in a twill pattern. It is 15" wide and 14" tall.

The green ReNews Bag is flatter, 19" wide, and is 15" tall, no flat bottom. The handles are seat belts. The bags are from our Pittsburgh Post Gazette newspaper sleeves.

A great messenger bag size. The tan bags are from Giant Eagle Market district and the colored ones from various sources (Post Gazette, Dollar General, Tribune Review, Toledo's The Blade, etc) It's fun to know where they came from. The seat belt strap clips/unclips & ius adjustable.

If interested inlooking at more bags, let me know. I have a few more in our local store "Kool Kats" in Mt Lebanon, Pa.